SmileX Capsule

Effective in both internal & external piles and provides relief in burning and itching of piles. It helps in the shrinkage of the piles and promotes easy passage while evacuating stools.



SmileX Capsule Benefits

SmileX Capsule is found to provide better reduction in clinical symptoms of patients suffering from hemorrhoids compared to Daflon.

  • Beneficial in the case of Fistula & Piles/Hemorrhoids.
  • Helps to Provide Instant Relief from Pain and Swelling.
  • Useful in Symptomatic Relief of Piles such as
    Constipation, Inflammation & Bleeding.
  • Aids in Easy Bowel Evacuation.
  • Provides Relief in Burning and Itching of Piles.
  • No Major Adverse Effects.

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Parameshwara CM

CEO & Founder, Smiles Hospitals

Dr. Parameshwar CM is a highly respected colorectal specialist and surgeon in the coloproctology circles. His family’s desire to have a doctor in the family is what gave him the opportunity to become one of the best doctors for digestive disorders in the country. Soon, after he started his journey to becoming a doctor, he realized his innate passion for helping and curing his patients.

His aim is to ensure that every patient that walks into his office, walks out with a smile on their face. He feels most successful as a doctor when he can solve a complex health issue that a patient is suffering from and enable them to get back to their lives healthy and happy.